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In the following article we will argue wheatear "abortion" should be practice or should not be practice. It is a subject that concerns all of us; especially women since are the ones expose to this harsh procedure. The argument "Electoral Politics and Abortion" was published in fall of 2003, by Laurie Shrage. During the year of the Publications Argument, many controversies arouse from this delicate subject, creating new groups like pro- choice and pro-life. Values, belief, and politics ideals were not clear enough. "The abortion debate is in tractable at this time because the two major political parties in the United States exploit this issue to pursue electronically majorities" (67). The author's theory sounds logical enough to write this article at the same time showing a large amount of credibility to the subject in discussion.

In the argument "Electoral Politics and Abortion" the author states, Republicans use the abortion issue to create coalitions with right-wing and fundamentalist Christian voters. Democrats use to attract woman voters. Their rigid positions for fear of alienating the constituencies that the abortion issue has helped attract. . The author supports its claim by giving us survey evidence, which indicate that the majority of Americans support some abortions as well as some restrictions. " Despite the increasing level of discomfort with the high courts ruling 43% of the current survey respondents express support to Roe."(67). The evidence shown by the author is persuasive since he uses statistics and cites prestigious sources, which in a certain way cap ones attention. ".Groups such as NARAL- Pro-Choice America, the Feminist Majority, the National Organization for Women" (68). The exampl...

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...elieve that even an embryo is a living human being.

The author was able demonstrate logic, credibility and emotion through his writing. This is article is a good source of information because it mainly explains the view of the people who are against abortion. This practice has its positive and negative aspects. Some positives aspects are economic factors it represents for the doctors and also it is a solution for those pregnant women who don't want to have their child. It also has negative aspects that cause harsh controversies between different groups of people, because of their beliefs. Also there are many clinics that aren't licensed and don't follow safety procedures. This represents a danger to the environment because of the disposals of this practice. This analysis, intends to persuade people in a discrete way to shape their views, beliefs, and behavior.

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