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In today’s society there is still an ongoing argument about abortion. There are always two sides to a story. There are people who are for abortion, meaning that they believe abortion should be legal, and there are people who think abortion should be illegal. The people who think abortion should be illegal may say it is a human killing an innocent fetus, which in their terms is still another human being, but that human is not born or at times developed. The people that are for abortion may say every woman has a choice whether or whether not to have an abortion. Abortion should be legal because it reduces the crime rate and makes it safer for women.(Donohue, John)
Abortion should be legal because if a woman is sexually abused by their husband, a family member, or even by a stranger, she may or may not want to live with what her sexual abuser has done to her. The woman only option left may be abortion because she may think abortion is the only way out. Others may think it would be better if the woman carrying the fetus should carry the fetus to full term and just give the baby up for adoption instead of turning to adoption for a way out. No woman could live her life normally knowing her child is somewhere out in the world calling someone else mom and dad. In a recent survey the statics state that fifty-two percent of todays society think abortions should be legal under specific circumstances, while twenty-six percent think abortions should just be legal with no strings attached and the other twenty percent think abortions should be outlawed and illegal (Sadd, Lydia). Some doctors and nurses have quit their job because they were getting to a point where they could not perform abortions procedures because they thought what they were d...

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...Wade court case still has an effect on society today.

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