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Did you know that about 50 percent of pregnancies are unintended, and 24 percent of all pregnancies end in abortion?( Top 10 Abortion Facts and Abortion Statistics) Abortion is a topic that is being discussed in many countries since it is happening wether it is legal or not. Most of the people say that abortion is dangerous but this is not true, nowadays abortion is safe. Actually a womans probability to die during an abortion is less than one between 100,000 while the probability to die while giving birth is 13.3 out of 100,000.(“Should Abortion Be Legal?") Abortion, as the medical procedure to end a pregnancie, should be legalized during the firs trimester in order to stop unsafe ilegal abortions, give a woman the option to decide wether to have a kid or not, and reduce crime.

If abortion would be legalized then it would be easier to control illegal and unsafe abortion clinics. “Women will continue to seek abortion whether it is legal or not as long as the unmet need for contraception remains high. Our hope is that the new report will help inform a public debate in which all too often emotion trumps science,” – Dr. Sharon Camp, institute president.These ilegal clinics are responsible for thousands of deaths each year because of their unsafe abortion methods. Each year about 70,000 women die because of badly done procedures of abortion in inapropriate facilities (source #6), This terrifying statistic could be easily decreased by legalizing abortion since that way the procedures would be done by professionals. These abortions are safe and some of them don’t even need surgical procedure. During the first bimester there are three different types of procedures to end the pregnancy. These procedures are done by taking mifepristone, ...

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