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In the past, the California law allowed the teenagers to take the prenatal medical care for adult; they were permitted to receive abortions, without parental notification. The California state legislature tried to amend the law to require the underage to obtain parental consent in order to get an abortion in 1987, but it was banned. In the 21st century, the law allows teens over 12 years old to receive prenatal care, HIV testing and such services without mandatory parental consent. The Proposition 85, as known as the Parental Notification Initiative, is the amendment election for California voters. According to the Institute of Governmental Studies, ‘’the proposition requires doctors to notify a minor’s parent or legal guardian 48 hours before performing an abortion. The teens have the right to apply for a waiver from a judge, and a physician may perform an abortion without notification in a medical emergency; also requires that physicians report abortions. ‘’ In fact, the Prop 85 did not pass, 3.9 millions voters (which equals to 45.8%) voted for it; while 4.6 millions voters (54.2%) voted for NO. 1) In my opinion, Prop 85 is the right choice to protect the teens, also provide an opportunity for parents to offer their supports and guidance. It will produce a positive effect on society, protect hurting teen girls, and provide an opportunity for parents to offer their support and guidance. Prop 85 is a bill that would require parental notification at least 48 hours before an abortion. This essay is to discover why the proposal is the right choice for the teens, also for the society. 2) There is no doubt that Prop 85 will produce a positive effect on society, the proposition will... ... middle of paper ... ...them from attempting to sexually assault a teen girl. Teen safety then, is what would result from Prop. 85. The parents must be notified if their child wishes an abortion. 3) My approach to the moderate position comes mainly from Consequential, I believe the harm of teenagers will be reduced, also the parents will be able to provide their support and guidance while the teens might not be able to make the right decision, by notifying the parents when abortion is needed. 4) There are many people voted against the Prop 85 on 2006, they believe that teens have the rights to decide having abortion or not; also, some people stated that not every parents are supportive, some are even dangerous, telling parents of abortions might cause beating and injuries. Those people who doesn’t support the Prop 85 is mainly from Rights Ethical Approach.

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