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Abortion Abortion is one of the most controversial issues of our day. People generally have strong views about abortion. It is an issue about life and death. Abortion draws out two different worldviews. The human world view, which says, "You do whatever you want. Its your own choice not anyone else." In addition, the religious world, which I believe, says, ?God forbids us to murder, and knows that it?s a mortal sin.? I believe that the real reason that we see so many people wanting the availability of abortion goes even deeper than the issue of abortion: I believe that people want sexual freedom without consequences. Our culture has a definite agenda supporting any and all sexual expression. It is very hard to find a new movie, a successful television show, or a popular song, that does not embrace this view of sex. As a society, we are amazingly paranoid about this sort of thing. Teenagers are becoming more and more open about the fact that they are having sex, and this is a reflection of the sexual morals they see in movies, on television, and in music. The whole society is loosening up to the point that people who have chosen to remain a virgin are openly ridiculed in today?s society. Civilization has been heading down this path for a long time. In today?s day of age, societies are more turned away from God's laws and ways. After awhile people began to worship nature instead of God. Once nature became the standard for morality, people started believing that, since humans are products of nature, anything we do naturally is normal, and even good. That?s when the realization of Sex became natural, sex is powerful, and so it eventually followed that sexual expression was seen as a natural and normal pa... ... middle of paper ... ...p unwanted pregnancies and abortion is to practice abstinence until one is married. By doing this, women would know when they want their child to come into the world. Another solution is to make abortions illegal. By doing so, women would have to deal with their mistake. It will also show other women how hard it is to raise a baby so they would stop having sex. Eventually this more and more women will practice abstinence and so the need for abortion would be through. Until this happens, abortion will never end and more and more baby?s will be killed all because to kids wanted to have a good time. Bibliography: ?Now and Abortion Rights/ Reproductive Issues? ?ABORTION: In Law, History & Religion? ?Get the Facts; Abortion Information?
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