Aborigines in Australia

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Aborigines in Australia Foreword: The aborigines in Australia have been the subject of controversy and attention towards the end of the 20th century because of their maltreatment in the hands of their British colonizers and continued persecution in a land they rightfully own. Their rich culture, which dates back to the Ice and Stone Age, is near extinction because of the oppression they suffered through time. In spite of the odds, however, the remaining children of this near extinct but proud race are fighting valiantly to survive and preserve their proof of existence in a world dominated by educated and civilized people. This essay analyzes the plight of this minority group in three theoretical perspectives namely: Functional Theory, Conflict Theory, and Interactive Theory. A comparison of the circumstances of Australian aborigines with a minority group in the United States, the American Indians, will likewise be discussed in the concluding section. Overview of the History of the Relationship The Aborigines arrived in Australia sometime 20,000 to 70,000 years ago and are said to have cross from Indonesia by foot traversing through rough mountain ranges, probably connected with hanging bridges. Anthropologists claim that the aborigines' physical appearance and way of life approximates that of an extinct era - the Ice and Stone Age. They generally have brown skin, small figure and long thin legs, small head with black and wavy hair, and flat face with wide nose (Riedlinger, 1996). They were hunters, practically depending on wild animals and plants for food, only equipped with the basic paraphernalia of gravin... ... middle of paper ... ... Works Cited ----------- Justice for the Aborigines of Australia on Angry website at ap12/justice.html Lonely Planet World Guide: Australia on lonely planet website at destinations/australiaasia/australia/printable.htm Riedlinger, Joseph. The Aborigines in Australia, April 1996 at projekte/abori.htm Tatz, Colin. Genocide in Australia: AIATSIS Research Discussion Papers No 8, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies, Canberra, 1999. The Perth Press and Problematizing Aboriginal Status on WMCC website at Washita Battlefield on Georgia website at
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