Aborigines Essay

A dispute in modern-day Australia has caused tensions with the original inhabitants. Australian Aborigines, the native people of the continent, have different languages, customs, and belief systems than modern day Australians. As Australia’s economic industry continues to grow, modern Australians’ desire for more land to industrialize intensifies, leading to the displacement of Aborigines (“Leader” 1). Consequently, Aborigines are fighting back for the most important thing to them- their land. Through Australia’s incentives to urbanize Aboriginal land, displacement of this native people has led to government conflict, population decrease, and Aboriginal frustration over securing their land.
As Australia’s economy advances, the need for more land to urbanize is growing immensely. Some modern Australians would like to obtain as much of the Aboriginal territory as possible and industrialize it. Other modern Australians have tried to argue that people need to “recognize the right of Aborigines to use their own land for their own economic advancement” (“Leader” 1). Many modern Australians contend that creating jobs and opportunity will help the Aborigines, when these modern Australians are truly only trying to help themselves. Claiming that Aborigines ignore modern Australians’ rights to participate in the economy, they dispute that they should not feel guilty for creating opportunities for their children and future generations (“Leader” 1). In addition to modern Australians’ longing to industrialize Aboriginal territory, Australian miners are attempting to make deals with the Aborigines to obtain access to their resource rich land (“Miner” 1). Miners lure the Aborigines into deals by promising them millions of dollars and by advert...

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...roups are actually trying to accomplish many of the same things: wealth, peace, success, growth, and happiness. As the Australian economy grows, the modern Australians will soon have figure out a different way to keep it booming. Displacement of the Aborigines is doing more harm than good, and while the main focus of the modern Australians, along with the Australian government, is on making the continent of Australia as resourceful as possible, they will not see that result unless displacement stops. The decrease in the Aborigines’ population, the conflict between the Aborigines and the modern Australians, and the unhappiness of both groups are detrimental effects of the problems that modern Australian’s are creating by not respecting the rights of Aborigines. In order to have peace with the Aborigines, modern Australians will have to let Aborigines keep their land.
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