Aboriginal Perspectives

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The Grandfather teaching is what most aboriginal people live by. The first teaching is the eagle and it represents love. Some say that true love is to feel the creator. The creator is considered the father of all children. If you cannot love yourself you cannot love others and love must be unconditional. The second teaching is the Buffalo and it teaches respect. The buffalo meant a lot to the aboriginal peoples. They never threw away any part of the animal. They used everything from the bones to the fur. It was used for shelter, food, clothing, etc. The aboriginal people and the buffalo had a true expression of respect. The third teaching is Courage and the bear represents it. Courage is the ability to face danger and fear. The way a mother bear protects its cubs no matter the danger shows the bravery she has. The bear's example shows us how to face danger to achieve our goals. The fourth teaching is Honesty and is represented by the sabe or sasquatch. Honesty is always being acting and speaking truthfully. The aboriginal people say to be truly honest is to keep the promises one made...
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