Abolition Movement Essay

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Slavery was known to be a time period of where brutal and merciless acts upon African Americans was common. It was when a person owned someone or a group of people and controlled what they did, where they lived, and how they worked. However, some people thought slavery was unfair and unjust to African Americans because of the way they were treated by their owners. As a result the Abolition movement was created. This was a movement made in order to end slavery around the world including in a nation that had a common saying, “all men are created equal.” The Abolition movement influenced many individuals to take a stand and change people’s way of thinking, in order to create change in society.
Slavery first started in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 with slaves that were called the “20 and Odd” who were sold for goods. In addition to this, in 1636 a slave ship named Desire began the slave trade between Britain American colonies and Africa. Many colonist were unsure and uneasy with the idea of slavery and by the late 1700’s some states such as Delaware and Virginia did not allow the importation of slavery. In fact, Vermont was the first state to eradicate slavery. Even though New Englanders made wealth off of slavery before the importation of slaves became illegal, America became a source for abolition growth. Abolition is the action of removing or eradicating a system or practice, in this case slavery. It became so great that there were pamphlets and newspapers informing other people about how slavery was discriminating. In 1820, states such as South Carolina were still pro-slavery and they instituted consequences to anyone that had anti-slavery material in South Carolina
Abolition spread far and wide, changing everyone’s mindset of sl...

... middle of paper ... slavery is cruel and that freedom is possible. Political and democratic views of this document would be Henry Clay’s presidency and how he for slavery while Richardson was aimed at liberty. Religious and moral views of this document would be how Richardson discussed his life as a slave and how individuals that become slaves develop a different mindset. Traditionally, Richardson explains what slavery is and how harsh it was back then for African Americans. Common sense that was analyzed by Richardson would be how he understood the freedom of slavery and understanding that there is more you can achieve if you’re willing to take risks.
In retrospect, during the 1800’s abolition was fought hard for and many individual changed peoples view on slavery itself. People persuaded others using speeches, personal experiences, newspapers, books, action, and many other uses.
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