Abolish the Food and Drug Administration

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Abolish the Food and Drug Administration
The food and drug administration also known as the FDA ensures the protection of products and drugs sold daily. The FDA has been around as a protection agency for the United States Federal Government since 1906. The food and drugs they approve are not safe for the environment. In fact the approved food and drugs are a danger to animals and human life. Daily numerous of health risk are being caused by genetically mortified organisms. The FDA should be abolished because it harms health, safety and the environment.
“If genetically modified food on the market cause common disease, mild symptoms, or have long-term impact, we may never know. There’s no monitoring” (Genetically Modified Foods). Genetically modified organisms are unnatural foods made up by organisms and their DNA is changed by using genetic engineering. The results of genetically modified foods, GMO or GM, is causing numerous health risk. In other words, GM foods are a scientific experiment to the human life. These health risk rising dramatically are infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging and changes in major organs also in the gastrointestinal system. There are couples trying to have babies for several years and figure out they are unable too. It is disgusting how GMO foods can lead to infertility. A person is infertile after unsuccessfully conceiving a child less than a year. Now a majority of today’s couples can not have their bundle of joy because the FDA approved GMO products for the consumers to buy. Since several married couples are unable to have a child it can lead a decrease in the employment of schools. Even if couples end up having a baby and the mother of the child consumes GMO products chances are the bab...

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...rm count. That did not just happen over night it is a process. Every time you take a bite out of scientific based foods it damages you internally. The power the FDA has is real and it needs to be stopped. The environment needs to be saved from scientific experiments. The future kids of the nation need to eliminate the use of GM and cloned meat.
The human life is not an experiment. The Food and Drug Administration needs to be abolish because it is only a danger to human’s health and our environment. If you do not know your rights then you have not rights at all. American’s have the freedom of speech in order to aware those who are being poisoned daily. One thing is to avoid GMO and cloned meat but another is to stand up against the FDA. Once the Food and Drug Administration becomes abolished The nature of this country is being replaced by scientific experiments.
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