Aboilitionist Movement and Why It Was So Effective

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In the early years of this “Land of The Free”, not all of the individuals on American soil were actually free. This nation was built upon the laborious work and tears of African people. As time went on, these individuals began to fight against the struggle of their life as a slave in the 1800s. After slavery had reduced a great deal, a variety of leading figures began to work towards completely abolishing slavery. As the final analysis, the abolitionist movement after the middle of the 1800s came to be the most effective element to the nation as a whole. Before the Revolution in the United States, the nation saw antislavery movements beginning to happen. After slavery had been completely abolished in the Eastern hemisphere of the globe, citizens of America began to acknowledge that there had to be a change for the brutality that was occurring. With nearly all slavery removed in the North there came a group of Virginians with the mind set to stimulate the commencement of antislavery without interfering with property rights. This organized group called themselves the American Colonization Society (ACS), which formulated in 1817 and therefore, beginning the movement. The ACS wanted to resettle the slaves elsewhere and did so by repaying slave owners. An abundance amount of these funds given to the Society were received from private charities and several legislatures and were meant to provide the necessities for “colonizing” the freed slaves in another country. As time progressed, the ACS began to fail because of the obstacles they faced due to a lack in funding and even African American resistance. A handful of this Africans did not want to move to a land they were completely unfamiliar with. They realized that this movement was... ... middle of paper ... ...lliam Garrison was the first one to make the great impact that caused a domino effect leading to alliances ending all of slavery. From the American Antislavery Society to the first national convention with black abolitionists in 1830, this time period was the most important in advocating the end of the American wrong doings once and for all. In summation, one can analyze all the aspects which led to the freeing of all slaves and truthfully, every little element counted in supporting the end of slavery. From the small Virginian society to the great abolitionist leaders, William Garrison and Frederick Douglass, this nation has tried to be the nation of free and equal rights. As individuals foreshadowing our past we can now comprehend that every struggle and every fight of ending slavery has done none other than make us greater. Works Cited AMH 2010 Alan Brinkley

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the abolitionist movement after the middle of the 1800s became the most effective element to the nation.
  • Explains how the american colonization society (acs) started the antislavery movement after slavery was abolished in the eastern hemisphere of the globe.
  • Explains that abolitionist movements shared many of the same qualities as antislavery and abolitionism. william lloyd garrison promoted his goal to end slavery.
  • Analyzes how the antislavery movement in the united states had not greatly influenced the nation as a whole. william garrison was the first one to make the domino effect leading to alliances ending all of slavery.
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