Abiogenesis Essay

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Abiogenesis in the simplest terms comes down to the learning and study of early life in biology from inorganic and inanimate objects. This simple definition opens an entire branch of study of biology, from looking into early molecules all the way to the first signs of life and how these came about. Early evolution is a hard concept to begin to understand, better yet research and work on this topic, such as determining the point where life began and the environment that was present when that phenomenon occurred. All these problems and ideas have led to several methods of trying to replicate the outcome and observe the results of what happened several billion years ago to understand how life came to be.
Abiogenesis has become more possible because
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A method that is now used is when a simple bacterium is simplified even further, only leaving the basic materials that is needed to satisfy the criteria for the interpretation of life. This is done by removing all of the unnecessary pathways and products that the cell would normally need to function, and placing it in a biome that will satisfy the necessities of the cell. When striped down to a single protocell this leaves only a single biopolymer RNA in its membrane. This single protocell is then programmed to reproduce two RNA during each replication cycle so that it can reproduce its own RNA and make another cell with the support of the biome it is in. This protocell also has the ability to modify and change over the course of several replications causing more polymers to be read and eventually be able to read several hundred more than originally…show more content…
This can be simplified even more by the removal of the membrane layer in certain lab created biomes. This can show a glaring issue on our idea of what constitutes life in biology now, and the need for possibly looking at reevaluation of this criteria as it is known. There are some options to consider when looking at redefining the criteria of life in regards to abiogenesis because the main goal of the study is to determine the beginnings of life. Having a definition that is more accurately defined than this will help in determining how simple or complex an organism needs to be to have
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