Abandonment Issues In 'A Whol Growing Up'

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Abandonment Issues Everything happens for a reason. That is a saying that I personally stick by and have stuck with my entire life. During the reading, Enrique had no control over stopping his mother from leaving him and sisters; it just happened. Some motherly instinct took over and she acted on it as soon as possible, not realizing the consequences. The same thing happened with my father when he went to prison. At first the only thing you see are the advantages that come out a certain situation, but then you soon are able to see the disadvantages whenever it’s too late. So, is leaving your child behind worth what they will go through mentally and physically just to understand why left them in the first place. Needless to say the struggle parent and child will booth face financially. Throughout the book we see a…show more content…
My mother didn’t work, because my father insisted on providing for his family so as a result, there wasn’t much income coming in to the household. I didn’t have much, but after reading this book I soon realized that what little I had was way more than what Enrique grew up with. And not only about the living circumstances, but the salary my dad made was more than what Enrique and his family earned. “The stone hut becomes his home.” (page 32) Having to live in a place with no electricity and sometimes no restroom, I can only imagine is terrible. And not only would living circumstances be terrible, but the scarce food and job opportunity was just as worse. “It may only be beans, but you always have food her.” (page 17) This is what Lourdes’s mother tells her in hopes that she will return despite the poverty they faced. However Lourdes insists she is doing better and stays in America making little money. At one point she isn’t making any money and has to work as a fichera, or another word for it is some type of prostitute. (page 15) Only due time does she actually get back on her feet with help from
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