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Abandoned Ashley Witlaw wakes up suddenly to noise coming from outside. The 4 year old groggily rubs at her eyes trying to wake up. She stifles a yawn and tries to find where the sound is coming from. She peeks into the small crib and studies Ethan. He’s still asleep but his face is covered in sweat from the heat. She takes off the heavy blankets that Laura had piled onto them, leaving only a thin sheet. She tries getting off the bed, like she always does and falls into a dirty pile of clothes, that haven’t been washed in weeks. She gags at the stench and rushes to the window to breathe in the fresh air. Outside she hears some banging noises and the talking of kids. She looks outside struggling to see. She climbs onto the ledge, her small delicate hands hanging onto the curtains. Outside she sees a man and 2 boys. The man seems to be talking to them about something, very quietly. She struggles to hear what they are talking about, but can only make out some mumbling, only catching words. Not enough to figure out the sentence. Ashley watches as the man reaches into his pocket and takes out something that looks familiar. It’s a white powder inside a small bag. Along with it, there are some rolled up paper sheets. The boys take it and pay the man some money. They all quickly leave as Ashley watches on, fascinated. She struggles to remember where she had seen the powder from before. She knew she had seen it, but from where? The thumping of somebody coming upstairs breaks her from her thoughts. She rushes back to the small bed, pulls the sheets over herself and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes to slits and sees that it’s only Laura, moving Ethan and into a comfortable position and tucking her back into bed. Well, as comfortable... ... middle of paper ... ... and Laura, as they work. Today we leave this house. Ashley thinks. Today, we leave this family. Today, we leave this life. A 3-year-old boy clings to a girl in a dark alley. The girl lies on some cardboard, probably where they had been sleeping. The girl is thin. Her bones pop out through her skin. She hasn’t eaten in weeks. She gave all her food to the boy. He repeatedly shakes her. He’s begging her to wake up. She won’t. Her lifeless eyes stare up, at the sky. She’s gone. “Ashley, wake up,” the boy repeatedly says, through tears. But the girl won’t, she can’t. The boy gives up and falls to the ground. “Ashley, you can’t leave.” He mumbles. She’s already left. The girl had made a promise. She promised she would never abandon the boy. She had promised he would never be alone. She couldn’t keep her promise. The boy has been completely abandoned.
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