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In the 17th century, London was in the English Civil War within the Royal Society fighting

for to have knowledge and wisdom in the nation. Soon after the Renaissance, the result of

humanism and art came about also with literature. A successful British poet named Alexander

Pope came to emergence. The sweetness and mildness of this man helped him succeed in

escalating his dreams of becoming a great poet. Alexander Pope’s literary works of poetry

mirrored the way he viewed life while having an infectious disease; resulting him in being one of

the best-known poets in the 18th century. This mild poet produced a history through struggles

starting from the time of his birth, how he was educated, through published poems, and to the

time of his death.

Alexander Pope was born on May 21, 1688, in the city of Lombard Street, London. His

British parents were Alexander Pope, Sr. and Edith Pope. Pope’s father was a Roman Catholic

who worked as a linen draper; soon after he retired with a little amount of benefits to pursue his

child’s education (Encyclopedia Britannica). When Alexander became a toddler, he was

diagnosed with Pott’s disease, or tuberculosis for the rest of his life (Academy of American

Poets). A while later his condition started to take effect on him. In spite the condition he could do

what he could, but still started on his education.

Young Pope struggled to receive a decent education. When he was six, he loved to read
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books and later discovered the epic Homer. Later in that age, he was expelled from his

school in London by penal law of the Parliament, prohibiting Roman Catholics living within 10

miles near London. Pope was tutored and given home school by his...

... middle of paper ... the 18th century since William

Shakespeare. Even though he was diagnosed with a terrible disease, he still continued his effort.

He never had male friends nor was he married, yet he did have a close lover named Martha

Blount. Pope’s poems are still being read as of today.

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