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Automation complacency has now become a common issue in aviation industry amongst pilots. The advancement in technology has allowed the pilots to set the computer to fly the pilot as they sit back and observe. This has made the pilots to have less piloting skill since they forget even how to perform simple operations on emergency. This has also resulted to fatal accidents. In August 1983, there were airline crashed that were associated with automated complacency in Korea Airlines. There were enough resources to tell that the plane was not in the assigned route. However, the pilot decided to trust what the computer directed and eventually ended up in a fatal accident. If they were not overreliance on the autopilot they would have realized that they were using the wrong route. Their too much reliance on the computer machine that was installed in the plane resulted to death. A second example happened in 2009, which involved an airline flight of Turkey. The radio malfunctioned and could only read eight feet below the surface. The crew was however not instructed to come down. Nine people died in this accident and 86 people were seriously injured (Hradecky, 2009). To avoid this accident, the crew only needed to note variety of factors. They screw was supposed to realize that their radio altimeter had problem. They were also supposed to have noted that their airspeed was reducing gradually. They however did not realize that their airspeed was approaching a stall speed. These two examples show that the crews were to a great extent complacent the aircraft automated power. In addition, the accident could not have occurred in the first place if the pilot had ignored the automated system and used his professional skills. Future accidents as... ... middle of paper ... ...e should be on flight in one day. Predicts some mistakes that can happen and try to deal with and be familiar with them. This gives one a foresight and creates room for preparedness. Criticizing oneself also helps in improving the skills for job. One should be Physical fitness When one is physically fit, there is less incidences fatigue induced complacency and stress. One is active and is able to respond quickly matters of emergency. Conclusion Conclusively, being complacent in puts our daily life and relationships in danger. This goes to greater extents of affects another people. Complacency in aviation has very negative effects if not well controlled. The customers onboard are endangered and the capital of the company is endangered by complacency. The management of aviation companies should come up with credible procedure to stop pilot error due to complacency.

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