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In fact that Thailand has become a widely known today as a ‘Land of Smile’ due to the greatest cultural achievements of Thai society that was associated with religious beliefs; they all have been there for more than hundreds of years. One of the largest religious in Thailand is Buddhism. Buddhism is a system of beliefs and practices centered on the freedom from suffering and continuing rebirths by using the Buddha first teaching knowledge. This teaching is about the right practice lead to liberation, this path is known as ‘Middle way’. Furthermore, there are three different major forms of Buddhism include Theravada, Mahayana, and Tantrayana (Punyasingh, p.7). The major branch is accepted in Thailand is ‘Theravada Buddhism’, which means ‘teaching of the elders’. This following type of Buddhism has been studied through canonical literature as well as secular and religious way of living and a long history. In the life of Thai people, Buddhism played the most important part underpinning Thai culture by provides the stimulus to philosophy, socio-politic, artistic, and anthropologic (Thai Digital Monastery project). One of the most unique aspects of Thai culture has been fully demonstrated through the elaborate architecture style such as Buddhist temple. One of the finest examples is the temple of Emerald Buddha also known as Wat Pra Kaew. This temple is a great design that represents not only architecture, but it also includes Thai Buddhist culture.

In this essay, I will make a critical analysis of the temple of Emerald Buddha. It will begin with a general background of Thai architecture and brief information of the temple. The next section will examine the purpose by compare two temples situated in different part of South East Asi...

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...e from floor to ceiling, and this part usually are one of the most sacred areas to the temple (Ringis, XXVII). The mural painting in Thailand usually tell the story of the Buddha life, and stories from his 550 past life include the Jataka Tales (former life of the Buddha), Himalaya myth, and Triphum. Consequently, these designs show the long history of religious beliefs in Thailand, and it provide an inspiration for civilization in Thai society.

The temple of Emerald Buddha is one of the successful religious architecture because it shows the relationship between Thai people, culture, and Religious beliefs. It also function as an icon signifying the Buddha and evoking his presence. It remains even today, as a centre for spiritual for Thai-Buddhist, and it becomes one of the significant religious building places not only for Thai people but also to the world.


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