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Have you ever thought about the relationship between technology and architecture? Architecture is a process and designing like buildings and other physical structures. Architecture is the most comprehensive profession in the world. Architect can make a lot of structure. For example; religious buildings , palaces, stadium, coliseum even landscape. Architectural structures should have three features. First feature, structures should be useful for all people. Another thing, structures should transfer different thinking. The most important feature, structures should stand robust. Nowadays, All the world is living transformation like industrial revolution with technology. Architecture is affecting by technological, economic, political, social and cultural changes. Technology is affecting deeply daily life. Technology revolution started with computer and microelectronics. After, transfer of the design to the computer. Architecture won new dimension. In addition, Architectural trends grew with electronics and computer technology .In order to shape the future of architecture, Technology is an active element. Dreams came actual with technological transporter system, material, hardware and installation in architectural. Architectural is affecting from technology because of three main results; ecology, construction materials and computer.
One of the effects of the technology architectural is ecology. 20 In the last quarter century, Consumption rate and contaminated energy source increased. In the 1970s, sustainable, green and ecological architecture emerged. Some words became part of the architecture. For example: energy-saving, accumulation of waste, recycling, sustainability , sol...

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...and topsheet. Glass structures have the advantage of natural lighting and heat gain from the sun. Glass is a permeable material for sunlight. Thus, It can store heat in the wall. The most important common effect is computer. Architecture influenced a lot of directions from computer. For example: design, construction, operating, usage, maintenance and repair.
Nowadays, all architects are wandering with three-dimensional inside structure. And then, They are fixing easily all errors. Doubtless programs established the link between the computer and architecture such as 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, IdeCAD, Revit Architecture and SolidWorks. Finally, Regardless of its effect, architecture and technology is now an integral whole.
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