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The Bloody Shirt Elects Grant
· People still believe that a good general would make a good preseident.
1. Republicans elect Grant as president.
A. Call for reconstruction of the south
2. Democrats
A. Denounce military reconstruction.
3. Wealthy eastern delegates want bond issue during war be redeem in gold though it was first purchase with depreciated money.
4. Poorer Midwestern delegates want Ohio a redemption of money maximum extent as possible.
· Grant won by margin vote. His victory came from black vote and not having 3 of southern states counted. ( Republicans had to control South in order to remain in power).
The Era of Good Stealings
· Population of republic rise agai ( increase of immigration and 3rd largest nation of the west). Moral structure of u.S. fell short of its physical structure.
1. Money got through to wrong fingers. ( few skink politically pollution prevaill).
A. Jubilee Jim and Gay Gould 2 millionaries plan to 1869 to corner the gold market, a plan that would only work if Treasury would refrain from selling gold. They bribe Grant’s brother-in- law and on black Friday madly bid price of god and drove business men to the wall.. AT last Grant release gold in treasury but still he was foolish for letting it take place.
B. Buis Tweed employ bribery, graft, and fraudulent election to milk the country. Which raise tax assessment of citizens. In 1871 NY times publish evidence of his deed and Samuel J. Tilden prosecuted him and gain fame that late pave the way as a presidential candidate.
A Carnival of Corruption
· Grant can’t sense his cabinet is full of trash except Hamilton Fish ( secretary of state) hi sin lawss attain public payroll.
· Grant is tarred by Credit Mobiler (scandal who 1867-1868 before taken office) which is a railroad construction company by transcontinental union pacific railroad. They made the price of cost more than it was and share bribed with congressmen.
1. in 1872 Ny newpaper reveal scanda...

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· Rutherford B. Hayes took office with a title of a fraud, termprance advocates, and a prez who wrote finish to reconstruction. Abandon by his party after 1st term because his political record is a disaster. Served only 1 term.
The Garfield Interlude
· In Election 1880 the republican nominated James A. Garfield a rising to the rank of major general in the civil war officer from Ohio. They also picked Chester A. Arthur ( stalwart) from NY as vp.( Platform= protective tariff and reform of civil service) and won.
· Democrats dominate Winfield S. Hancock ( a former Civil War general who appeal to veteran and south became once govern reconstruction site). ( platform= civil service reform and tariff for revenue only).
· Garfield is the 2nd president to be killed by an assassin’s bullet. The assassin ( Charles J. Guitea) an office seeker pleaded insanity defense but still hanged. Garfield is a matyr to the evils of sopils seeking and his death in a way shock public servants into taking action to correct flagrant abuses on he spoil system. He Chester Arthur Takes Command
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