AP and Honors Courses for College Preparation

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Many schools have more than just the standard English, Math, History, and Science classes to offer. Not only is English offered but so is classes like AP Literature and AP Language, both just more challenging classes compared to your average English class. The same goes for classes like Biology, where an AP course may be an option. In your regular English class honors is also an option, which is just extra and more challenging work for you to do on top of whatever your current English assignments are. Every option is just that, it’s all optional. Also, it’s a completely personal choice, because no one is going to force you to do it. Not to mention, it looks extremely good on a college application and prepares you for that next step in your education. Honors and AP options are completely fair paths to take in high school. College is not for everyone, but for those that think college is the next step, getting that more challenging work is a good place to start your journey to a college education. College is by no means easy. It can be hard to get in, it’s expensive, and scholarships to save money are hard to get as well. Taking an AP class or doing Honors work can be the difference between getting into college and being successful or not getting the further education one might want. When applying for college, you’ve got to stand out. So many people are just like you with the same grades and goals. So, what are you going to do to make yourself stand out? That challenging work you did, those classes you took, that could be what separates you from the other person who’s applying. Then because you took the next step while still in high school you may get the scholarship money you need to pay for college. No, you’re probably not going t... ... middle of paper ... ... means is Honors and AP unfair. For those that truly wish to challenge themselves, this is how they can do it. A personal choice to take part in one or both affects no one but the individual that made the decision to pursue that part of their education. No one forces them to do it, and it only changes their education and future, no one else’s. It’s not for everyone, which is why it is just an option that’s out there for those who need the challenge. This is by no means a huge advantage that is being handed to only a select few. It’s hard work that students choose to do to challenge themselves and make themselves work harder. So, who doesn’t want a good college application? A challenge? Now, I’m not saying everyone should just up and take that path in advancing their education. It’s not for everybody, but that doesn’t make a reason for it to be claimed as unfair.

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