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The rule of law shows how society influences the authority and has law within its boundaries of each state. Which is molded into a government by a majority of the people of the United States, as a society, to join as a united government. The government was shaped by the combination of states that are acting in their highest independent ability; to forms the state constitutions. It protects individual liberties by referring to the bill of rights and how the government should respect our privacy and freedom.
The first example of the rule of law is the Agostini v. Felton case where they argued over a violation of the Establishment clause of the First amendment about education in states to allow public school teachers to instruct at religious schools, to have a neutral opinion in nature and have no “excessive entanglement” between religion and government. That way there is no argument over one certain opinion for government and religion. This case is significant because it shows individualisms rights being accepted in society and shows a sign of evolving judicial standards that is flexing around the First Amendment, and the modifications that have occurred in modernization of the Establishment Clause jurisprudence.
Another case is the famous McCulloch v. Maryland over the dispute between one of the branches of the Second Bank of the United States that the state of Maryland had attempted to try to impede by imposing a tax on all of banks not chartered in Maryland. The Second Bank of the United States was the only out-of-state bank back then existing in Maryland at the time, and the law was acknowledged in the court's opinion as having believed that it was specifically targeted the U.S. Bank. The Court appealed the Necessary and Prop...

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...AFDC-UF is irrelevant to any important government objective but is part of the “baggage of sexual stereotypes.”
In conclusion the rule of law protects individuals rights whether it is based on religion, gender, race, age, ethnic culture, etc. They make sure that our right are not violated by a rule of a specific law ore from society.

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