AIDS: A Global Issue

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Over 33 million people around the world have AIDS (“Global Statistics.”). The disease, caused by the virus HIV, attacks the immune system, which is meant to protect your body from illness. Currently, there is no cure for AIDS, and 25 million have lost their lives due to it. AIDS is a serious issue affecting many people around the world today as they struggle with the disease, research for medicines, and attempt to reduce new infections
Many people with AIDS do not show symptoms for a long time, even for over ten years. The cause, HIV, is an STD. Human immunodeficiency virus attacks the T-cells, part of the immune system, and uses it to duplicate itself and spread. When the number of immune cells in one cubic milliliter of blood is less than 200, the infection is referred to as AIDS. The amount of time it takes for the cell count to fall so low varies from person to person, sometimes because of certain drugs or because the immune system is naturally less resistant to the disease (“Learn about HIV/AIDS.”).
AIDS can cause a lot of different complications in the body. Some common signs include dry skin, fatigue, fevers, symptoms of infection like coughing or headaches, and weight loss. OIS, or opportunistic infections, occur when the body gets ill from something else because of a weak immune system. Pneumonia, fungal infections, and cancers also appear more in those with AIDS. People infected with HIV but not yet diagnosed with AIDS can also suffer from symptoms. Because any symptoms could be a result of weak immune cells or just a regular infection, there is no way to know for sure if someone has AIDS without a blood test (“Learn about HIV/AIDS.”).
The disease was first reported in the 80’s, the epidemic beginning in 1985. A large n...

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...inst AIDS, and this epidemic will not disappear. A donation to any AIDS organization will help to reduce some one's pain as they struggle with this disease.

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