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Introduction: I could say that Information Systems Global Enterprise course was one of the most interesting and collaborating classes in my Master of Science in information systems management journey. During the course, I gained a lot of information about the main concepts of information systems and applications in the global enterprises, as well as how today’s business heavily relies on information systems to achieve and maintain competitive advantages and managerial issues. Through the semester I used to work with and connect with several kinds of technologies. Some of these technologies were online communications technologies(ex: Google hangouts), collaborative technologies(ex: Google docs), social networking technologies(ex: LinkedIn), and much more which familiarized me with Web 2.0 tools and technologies. This AHA! Paper will be divided into three main parts: the course syllabus, the virtual team project, and general activities. Within each part a lot of insights about lessons have been learned and technologies have been used that I would like to write about. Course Syllabus First of all, I want to thank Dr Janz for the combination of lecture power point slides, narrated video, and the audio files. This combination was very helpful in studying during the semester, especially for me as a non native English speaker, where I used to read the PowerPoint slides, collect ideas and new vocabularies, watch the narrated videos, collect more ideas, and listen to the audio lectures through my MP3 player anywhere whenever I had time for that. In addition, I want to talk about some important lessons and skills we gained during the semester in general. Through the semester we have got a good understanding of the relationship between i... ... middle of paper ... ...nd how to implement it within different organization to meet its business needs. I learned about the role of information systems in global e-business and e-commerce. I learned about the enterprise applications and its main majors. Through the course we had a good refreshment to other courses such as data communications, database, and cyber ethics. Moreover we had a good introduction to some courses in next semester such as computer and network security. During the semester we learned how to manage our time effectively, how to solve problems and rearrange our thoughts and ideas to be critical thinkers and good decision makers. Finally, I can say that the Information Systems Global enterprise course has played a very significant role in developing our personal and technical skills, and left a good fingerprint that will help us effectively in our future career path.
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