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The reconstruction era occurred at different times the compromise of 1877 led to the ending of federal reconstruction. In recent years it’s followed by historians in establishing the date of the south as it started in 1863 rather than 1865 but it’s mostly assumed to have ended in the year 1877.
Africans took political measures in bringing themselves to be self liberated Americans by first they created themselves as a people who were oppressed and by this it explained their suffering and it also imposed the national togetherness that also brought discipline amongst themselves and thus they had force politically. The spokespersons of African American developed a sense of their own people hood. They tried to equate politics to cultural nationalism in which other concerns were raised (Chana, 2005). Black nationalists Leonard sweet calls for the creative thrust for black demands of American nationality, by which he means the rights accruing to American citizens and the economic benefits which derived from them. The elite group became the spokes person of the other ones who were illiterate.
Black leaders wanted acceptance by the entire American, and they had to do this at all costs. The wanted all the races to be united. The inclusion of all races and especially the black Americans is that they were to reap so much benefit. Such as good education, black leaders' overwhelming concern was to be accepted at all costs into the American civic community, even at the price of government position and also to enjoy all the facilities of the American state other people enjoyed basic guarantees of civil liabilities, freedom economic opportunities and citizenship responsibilities. Black leaders initiated the first black American protest started b...

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...nal institutions since they have been oppressed for long time.
Black nations have been reluctant in doing what will make their economy grow rather the approach has changed whereby they insist to be compensated on the injustices that they underwent. Illiteracy too is blamed on those nations that colonized them .they want a major share simply because they underwent separation of races.

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