AES Corporation: An Expansion Plan

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AES Corporation

AES Corporation is an energy company in Arlington, Virginia. The company has been one of the leading energy companies, with its closest competitor being the Touchstone Company. The company, whose headquarters is in Virginia, has been expanding in most of its operations with its main target being to extend its market to other regions within the next five years. On November 14 2011, the company posted its presentation to explain about its plans and intentions over the next five years.

AES Corporation has been registering high returns for the last four years, with its 2010 revenues hitting $16 billion. In addition, the company is proud to be in control of $41 billion worth of assets. The initiatives that the company has include future financial developments and operating performances that are expected to increase the market share in the energy sector (Business Wire, 2011). The interest rates are also included in the report with targets being to increase the company’s earnings in the next five years.

The company wishes to expand its trade in various countries in order to increase its revenue. Although there are risks in this expansion, the company expects to make huge returns once it enters the international markets. The company wishes to expand its resources by using $5.5 billion in an Ohio-based regulated electric utility DPL. This expansion plan is expected to influence huge returns because it will increase the power output generated by the company (Business Wire, 2011).

Increasing the power output is meant to increase the overall megawatts produced by the company. With increased megawatts, the company will be in a position to distribute power to more consumers and hence increase its resources. The Ohio project...

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