ADHD Argumentative Essay

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Is ADHD Real or In Our Heads? When I was younger, ADHD wasn’t a thing. I mean there were a like one or two students in each grade who were diagnosed with ADHD, but many people thought that they just needed a good spanking. Before working at an Elementary School, I used to think the same thing. Granted that many parents nowadays are a little bit too soft on their children, but I have seen ADHD in students that I work with daily. If the student did not take their medication before coming to school, the whole school day is wasted. Why? Focusing and staying on task is too difficult for people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Still not convinced? As you continued you read, I have selected three articles authors by very intelligent professor who will…show more content…
ADHD can be diagnosed in childhood and continue into adulthood, but adults have been known to be diagnosed later in their lives. Teachers are advocates for students who may qualify for special needs for ADHD. Teachers, administrators, and parents can complete an ADHD checklist and when completed it will be submitted to the district for review. ADHD is not curable, but is treatable according to (Fischer, Herberholz, 2016). There is multiple medication that can be used to help manage ADHD symptoms. One example is prescribed to ADHD patients is Methylphenidate, which is given at a low does and will up the does if it is beneficial to the child or adult’s needs. After reading this article by (Fischer, Herberholz, 2016), it is my understanding that boys aged between five and fifteen years old (3.62%) and girls (0.85%) are reported to be on medication for ADHD; the numbers have increased over the…show more content…
A few examples of hyperactivity are talking excessively, fidgeting with hands/feet and squirming in seat, and leaving seat when remaining in seat is expected. On the outside perspective you can tell if someone has ADHD because they have emotional instability, low self-esteem and get frequently frustrated with oneself. According to (Asherson, 2012), not only des ADHD express itself with the above features, it also causes neurological conditions such as: sleep disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, epilepsy and general learning difficulties. ADHD can have a developmental impact on one’s education. As a preschooler through school age students with ADHD will experience behavioral disturbance, poor social interaction with peers, and academic impairment. (Asherson, 2012) continues by stating that adolescents through adulthood will experience drug use, antisocial behavior and relationship problems. After reading this article, I understand that ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed as a behavioral or other common mental health
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