ACO Business Model for Providence Health System; Metropolis City and surrounding communities

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The following is the proposed business model for Providence Health System (PHS) to successfully introduce an ACO in Metropolis City and the surrounding communities.

Directional Strategy: Mission/Vision/Values

The Providence Health System’s (PHS) mission is to provide high quality medical care with a focus on improving both the health of the population and of our communities. Our objective is to not only manage our communities’ health care needs but to facilitate strength through continued health management.

At PHS we envision the future of healthcare as the embodiment of teamwork. The physician patient relationship is redefined from that of occasional encounters to one encompassing trustworthy lifetime management across the continuum of care. It is our purpose to touch our communities by implementing sustainable improvements in the form of well coordinated, cost-efficient and transparent care models. We are dedicated in our resolve to deliver excellent care along the spectrum of prevention to long-term demands. What does this mean for you?

• For Patients: To improve the health and quality of health care delivered to all ACO patients. PHS will listen to our patients and caregivers and will address all needs associated with their personal health care journey.
• For Physicians: Our physicians and providers will be provided with the tools required to dispense high quality care and the resources to promote continued health maintenance, defining each individual’s path.
• Workforce: To promote educational and training resources to build tomorrows leaders and healthcare personnel. We will create opportunities for existing health care providers to develop and achieve greater success.
• Community Resources: To build ...

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...ment that incentivizes avoidance of poor choices rather than treating mismanaged cases. Providers will enjoy incentive pay for well-managed patient caseloads, reaping the benefit of endorsing healthy outcomes. Providers will enjoy coaching patients through newly established products, setting up goals and building patient accountability as incentives to reach and maintain healthy goals. Increased use of general practioners will be supported by improved coordination of care. Uniformity among the network will facilitate greater ease and use among the various clinics, hospitals, and providers allowing for better outcome tracking, documentation processes and tracking.

In summary, the stakeholders will all benefit from a unique collaborative experience. The PHS ACO will embrace the model of family by becoming an extension of each family within the community they serve.
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