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Sir Frances Tyler, a wealthy grandfather of Kit Tyler, had an abrupt death that leads to Kit sailing away to live with her aunt and uncle. (vocabulary, appositive)
After Kit was told to marry an old man, she sailed on The Dolphin, a ship, from Barbados to Wethersfield. (historical, complex/appositive)
Kit goes to court after she is accused of consorting with Satan, which means she was accused of witchcraft. (historical, complex/appositive)
Dame school
Kit got into trouble working at a dame school and was fired, but she convinced Mr. Eleazer Kimberly, the schoolmaster, and Reverend John Woodbridge that she was fit for the job and earned it back. (historical, compound/appositive)
Rachel Wood was enthralled to hear that Kit was coming for a visit, but she was later informed that Kit would live at the Woods’ house and was not as ecstatic. (vocabulary, compound)
After a fatal fever struck Wethersfield, the citizens blamed innocent Hannah Tupper for bringing the fever upon them. (vocabulary, complex)
Kit showed generosity by offering her c...
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