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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines teachers as a person or thing that teaches something. This definition is correct; teachers are people who help other people learn about all kinds of subjects and things. School teachers play a large role in a student's education; they can have a huge impact on how well a student does in school. There are many types of teachers, the most common types are strict, boring, and inspirational teachers.

Although strict teachers are often the most hated type of teacher, they are one of the most respected teachers in the school. Strict teachers are often disliked by students because they have rules and often don't give easy A's. Even though strict teachers are not one of the favorite people in school, they are well-respected by parents and responsible students. There is a large difference between strict and mean teachers. You will rarely hear a strict teacher talk about his or her personal life, express him or herself, or tell jokes to the class. Although they aren't funny or easy teachers, they can still help you learn fast and efficiently. ...
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