The client presented a problem of low self-worth and difficulty to manage her emotion after the reduction of her children’s access. Based on 7 counselling sessions and the information collected from FCC, I noted the following four categories of problems for ML (Appendix C): a. Thoughts Client had thought that she could not cry in front of people because she would disturb others. She could not trust people because she thought they would gossip about her. She thought that she was not being respected due to her abusive experience from her husband, his family and others. Client doubted her sense of independence because she needed help from the center manager and other people. b. Emotions Client felt lost, lonely, and insecure because of her loss of her mother and separation from her children. She felt anxious, angry, frustrated, powerless and helpless because she could only visited her children once in 1.5months and often could not locate the CPO officer. She felt belittled because she thought her command of English as poor, and no one would spend time to listen to her. c. Behavior Client only cried during counselling session, she relied on the medication to sleep. She relied on the FCC center manager for emotional support. She lied to her employer when she could not make it to work. d. Physiology / Physical Client experienced headache and insomnia. Client also showed deep in thought, and would occasionally cry. The problems were contributed by her life experiences, critical incidents in her life, vulnerability factors, and the trigger events. 6.2 Critical Incidents Client experienced the loss of her mother and being separated from her children because she hit her husband in front of the children due to accumulated anger. Ot... ... middle of paper ... ...epared client for the termination in this session. Session 7 – Client was happy that she had met her children. Client requested to work on independence as she had been relying on the FCC Manager and others for emotional support. The student counsellor worked on her self-assurance by showing acceptance and enabled her to talk about her achievements since she had moved to FCC (e.g. she found a job, she took care of herself, she went for English class, arranged meeting with her children with the CPO and so on). It helped client to self-realize that she was resourceful and independent in many ways. Student counsellor terminated the counselling by making a bookmark together with client, which helped her to remember what she had learnt in the 7 sessions of counseling. Client was happy and appreciated the way the student counsellor terminated the counselling session.
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