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Being a leader for any organization is a difficult, but being a leader for an organization that is dedicated to making leaders is even more of a challenge. That is; however, what the African American Male Leadership Institute (AAMLI) is about. I choose AAMLI for my leadership project because this group is coming up in it’s efforts to show Trident Technical College students that it is here to advance leaders and growing fast. AAMLI is on TTC campuses to “develop valuable leadership qualities in participants” (Wrighten, 2013).
In 2006, faculty and staff members at Trident Technical College met together to structure the African American Male Leadership Institute. These individuals had all been through hardship and struggled with racial and economic equality in the United States. “Despite their challenges of organization, the early trailblazers were successful in ascertaining a firm foundation and were steadfast in the development of The AAMLI.” AAMLI has grown since then and in the fall of 2013 “TTC AAMLI was born out of the sheer desire for increasing the retention and matriculation rate of African American males enrolled at TTC” (Wrighten, By-laws, 2013).
According to the by-laws for TTC AAMLI they are “committed to developing leadership potential and promoting academic and personal success among African American males enrolled at Trident Technical College.” The officers of AAMLI do this in many ways. In the spring they hold a Leadership conference for the members, students, faculty and staff at TTC. They have guest speakers and leadership building workshops for people to participate in. However, developing leadership only begins at workshops and conferences; therefore, AAMLI holds it’s members to do much more in the organization ...

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...cultural and open minded.
The African American Male Leadership Institute is centered around making leaders out of it’s members by helping them grow culturally, socially and in their education. As Jack Welch said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” I followed AAMLI for the fall semester and found that it is an organization I would be involved in because they provide the means and encouragement for their members to go on and be great leaders in what ever they do.

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