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Introduction ‘Computer software products have become a world-wide commodity and a part of the international consumer market’ said by Tony Fernandes in 1995. While now, the web-based social networking and social media application are not only available for desktop or laptop users but also accessibly used through smartphones and other mobile devices (Shneiderman et al. 2013). However, in the past, little thought is given to a high level of usability for computer software design (Wiley & Sons,1997). For this reason, user interface (UI) design should be improved to serve human needs and also produce business success (Shneiderman et al. 2013). An observation exercise of video players finds that the users sometimes have trouble to change the position of rewinding button in a video steam. In order to solve this real world UI problem, the users and their needs are the first to be identified and explored by moderate secondary sources and some primary sources. Then, the design of an innovative player interface and its design progress is sated. For this teamwork, the project communication and...

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