A piece of Cuba for your soul

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A piece of Cuba for your heart
When we talk about Cuba, What comes first to our minds? What do we think? Do you think about the revolution, the communism or perhaps Fidel Castro? However, Cuba is more than that, Cuba is culture, Cuba is its own world in the globe. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean, about 90 miles southeast to Key West, Florida. Cuba is the only communist state in the Americas. In October 28, 1492 the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba during his first trip toward the New World. In honor to Catholic Kings’ daughter, the Kings’ that paid for his trips, Columbus called it Juana Island. That was the first of various names that this island has received at this time. We call it Cuba, a variant of her aboriginal name: Cubanascan.
During the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, sugar cane became Cuba’s single most important crop and even up to this day, this is one of Cuba’s most important export products. Sugar cane grows on large plantations depending heavily on human labor. The desire for cheap labor for the plantations led to the importation of African slaves to Cuba. During the 1800’s, Cubans began to call for independence from Spain. However, in 1898, they achieved their independence from Spain with the help of the United States. After helping Cuba with the independence, United States had a military government that ruled Cuba from 1899 until 1902 and intervened in the island’s internal affairs. During the 1930’s to the 1950’s Cuba was controlled by a dictator named Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar. This man in 1959 was overthrown from his power by a famous man that we all know as Fidel Castro, and later a Communist government was created with Castro as its head.
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... or other monetary benefits) covers the vast majority of the labour force. However, the government controls the distribution and the pricing of the medicines and other goods, although there are some independently operated markets where hard currency is used to obtain the merchandise. The nursing homes are under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health, which makes this service cost free. The Federation of Cuban Women runs the Childcare institutes and these institutions free women to work. In addition, Physical education and sports are an integral part of the Cuban education.

In brief, the Cuban culture has experienced changes since its discovery from the economy of slavery, to the revolutionary changes, at the present in 2014. They have the best food diversity, the best education system and health system in the world. They are Cubans and they are proud.

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