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The novel A New Kind of Dreaming by Anthony Eaton is a story about Jamie Riley, a teenage boy who has been sent to serve time in the small isolated town of Port Barren for shoplifting. Port Barren is full of secrets and has a corrupt policeman who does anything to keep the secrets hidden. Jamie brings chaos to the town with his curious nature. This novel has the theme of the powerful and powerless. Butcher is a ruthless cop that will do anything to keep himself as alpha of the town. He holds much power, but abuses it in more ways than one. Butcher breaks windows and sets the local school on fire, putting the blame on Jamie in an effort to turn the town against him. ‘How about you own up and admit that you smashed the windows’ (pg66) He throws Jamie into his police wagon where he almost dies after being left in there for so long. ‘Jamie begun to yell and scream, striking at the steel mesh of the cage with his fist again and again until a trickle of blood ran from his knuckles, finally mercifully, he passed out once more, this time into a deep sleep’(pg70). Butcher’s abuse of power o...

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