A marriage between Spouses

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What does it take to be in a marriage? What is someone’s role in a marriage? Henrik Ibsen answered these questions in his play A Doll’s House, a story about Nora and Torvald Helmer, who go through trials that ultimately end up separating them. He gives examples of the consequences of missing communication and trust. He also shows the roles of men and women within a marriage and a society. He uses middle class characters and everyday speech to get that point across. The reader can understand why these were so important in the story for the Helmer’s marriage to succeed. Nora and Torvald are lacking the basis of any strong relationship. They lack communication and trust. In Act Three, when she is released from her debt, she is talking to Torvald about communication, or lack thereof, by saying, “Don’t you realize that this is the first time that we two...[h]ave had a serious talk together” (Ibsen 225). Torvald does not notice that they have never had a real conversation with each other. Ibsen uses common everyday speech to tell people about how, even though the two spouses are always ta...
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