A knight's Mission.

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Once upon a time there lived an honest and a very brave man called Knight. He and his villagers were very happy all the time. There life went smoothly until that horrible day. One day knight went to another city to meet some of his friends. When he returned to his village, the land was turned into a graveyard. Most of his villagers were killed and half of them were kidnapped by an unknown man named Boss. He left some clues for the Knight to find him. The main intention of the Boss was to defeat Knight and capture all the land around them. But, until the Knight lives he cannot obtain that land.
Knight ran to his house and opened his secret shelf which was there in his house beneath his bed. And there comes the sword, it was not a normal sword, which was a magical sword gave it to him by his father. Knight’s grandfather was the greatest warrior back in time, hence that sword inherited to Knight’s father, and now to him.
Knight got ready for his mission to rescue his fellow villagers from the cruel Boss and to give them their freedom. Knight started his way towards the road where the last clue showed. He interrogated people on his way and found the place called Nexus. Nexus - a magical place where it connects four lands,namely forest,desert,graveyard and finally mountains.
However, with the help of other villagers and passersby, he got to know about those 80 orbs which were hidden in various places and protected by different kinds of creatures. And he came to know about the way to get his villagers back was to find those 80 orbs. He started his journey towards them. That journey was totally filled with hidden dangers everywhere. In order to reach those Orbs, he had to pass through mazes, castles with gauntlet courses, and music ch...

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...ll over there he saw his enemy, the monster behind the attacks and kidnaps in his village. They started fighting, millions of projectiles exchanged and at last with his full strength Knight send his magical projectiles at dozens towards the Boss. Boss couldn’t do anything and he got killed and the villagers appeared as soon as he died. Then he happily rescued all his villagers and ran towards the door he entered. That place started vanishing bit by bit. Finally, they reached the door with all his kidnaped villagers. All those fellow villagers hugged him in joy and said their greetings. Knight felt a real joy when he met his fellow villagers, he even couldn’t feel his tiredness and he felt a bunch of energy flew from his fellow neighbors towards him and made his tired feeling to go away. Them as a happy family altogether went back to the village –to their homeland.
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