A great perhaps

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For many years I was lost in a sea of hate, love, lust, apathy, indifference, feelings, and non acceptance. I was being swept away by a constant wave of failure. I did not know what to do with everything around me; I was submissive to the things going on around me. If people wore a type of clothes well so did I, If my peers seemed inclined to that movie so was I. In my much younger years I would endeavor to fit in, I wanted approval from everyone around me. The only thing different about me and my classmates was my deep love for music and reading. Through my love for those two things I began to learn and realize all the possibilities I had. I learned that there's is no way of of escaping the entanglement and evil of what life is and despite that out there somewhere there is good and a great perhaps for each and every one of us.

A goal for us, somewhere where we fit in. Where we can be ourselves, where we are at our fullest potential. Coming to this realization took 14 years of my life and it may take more for other people and some never get there. This great epiphany swept over me...
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