A constitutional right?

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A constitutional Right?

Carl T Bogus, the author of a 1992 article, “ The Strong Case for Gun Control”, explains to the reader of the importance and relevance of tougher and more strict gun control laws in local governments today. Bogus begins by telling of the recent rise in school shootings and violent crimes in the united states. He explains that in 1998, more than four thousand children were killed by guns, and it took a string of school related shootings to bring that fact to the attention of the public. 34 thousand people were killed in total, and over sixty thousand were held at gunpoint. In order to explain and prove his theories, Bogus goes on to compare two cities with similar crime rates, economies, nationalities, and entertainment values, but very different ways on controlling guns. Seattle Washington , and Vancouver British Columbia are only 140 mile apart, but they both have different views on how to control the way guns are used in there city. Seattle requires only a five day waiting period to purchase a hand gun, while Vancouver requires a permit and a VALID excuse to own a handgun. Due to the difference in laws, 41 percent of all Seattle’s population own handguns, while only 12 percent of Vancouver’s population own handguns. It isn’t hard to see that it would be harder for anybody who shouldn’t have a weapon to stumble across a handgun in Vancouver than in Seattle.
Bogus then goes on to explain a new law taken into effect in the District of Colombia not too long ago. Residents who currently lived in D.C. would have sixty days

to register there handguns, and after the time period was up, newly acquired handguns became illegal. But, rifles and shotguns could still be purchased and owned after the time period ran out. The result of the new law came out with results that surprised a lot of people. There was a 25 percent drop in gun related homicides and a 23 percent drop in gun related suicides. While D.C. experienced such a significant drop in gun related crimes, surrounding cities experienced no significant change in their rates. Just another reason to believe that even local gun laws can lead to safer cities and homes.

Daniel D. Polsby, the author of the article, “ The False Promise of Gun Control” Focuses on how tougher gun control laws make it harder for regular people to defend themselves, and easier for criminals to get what they want.
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