A Young White Men And The Son Of La Condesa

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Carlos, a young white men and the son of La Condesa, is in love with Julia. Julia is a quadroon and was raised by La Condesa after she had been abandoned at a young age.The play begins with Carlos and Jorge talking about Julia. Jorge tells Carlos that Julia spent most of her time crying after she had found out that Carlos was leaving to France. Now that Carlos is back, Julia is trying to avoid his presences. A friend of Carlos, Luis, comes to visit him. He discloses to Carlos that he wants to go back to Paris, however, he does not have the money to do so. He wants to marry a young wealthy women and thus asks Carlos to present Emilia, daughter of Don Crispulo, to marry her and resolve his economic issue. Carlos knows Emilia and Don Crispulo because his mother has arranged his marriage to Emilia. La Condesa and her son are not economically stable as well therefore, she is pushing her son to marry Emilia. Don Crispulo also wants her daughter to marry Carlos as this will change his “title”. He no longer wants everyone to know it was through his hard work that he is in a high socia...

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