A Year in Review: 1978

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The year 1978 was a time of achievement and notable occurrences. From the birth of the first test-tube baby to the Jonestown tragedy, our world changed forever. [Entertainment] This year just happened to be the year for the 50th Academy Awards. Star Wars brought home six awards, winning in art direction, costume design, film editing, music, sound, and visual effects. Although “Grease” came out that year, it didn’t receive any nominations. The movie, “Annie Hall”, won best picture. (The 50th Adacemy Awards) Grease is a classic “high school sweetheart” story. In the movie, a boy (Danny), and girl (Sandy) meet on vacation. They eventually had to part since their summer was ending. A few months later, Sandy transfers to Danny’s school and their friends get them together. After a few fights and some tears, they end up together in the end. (Synopsis for Grease) This year was also a great time for literature. Dr. Seuss published, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!, a book written to show young readers to take pride in their ability to read. Seuss explains the values of education and convinces readers that the more they know, the more they’ll prosper. (Synopsis, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!) On the other side of the literary spectrum, we have Stephen King’s, Night Shift. This is a collection of psychological thrillers including, “The Boogeyman”, the tale of a man who must talk to a psychiatrist about the mysterious deaths of his three children. Later, the man finds that his doctor is, in fact, the boogeyman. While many fans of Mr. King say it isn’t his best work, many things in this collection are well known in the horror world. (Night Shift) [Tragedy] Another big thing in 1978 was the dreadful Jonestown tragedy. A corrupt minist... ... middle of paper ... .../testtubebaby.htm>. Simon: Classic Toys and Games from Yesteryear. 2009. 23 February 2011 . Sullivan, Kathleen. Former reporter's book knits together S.F.'s twin tragedies of 1978. 2003. 16 February 2011 . Synopsis for Grease. 2011. 23 February 2011 . Synopsis, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! 2011. 23 February 2011 . The 50th Adacemy Awards. 2011. 14 February 2011 . Year of the Three Popes. 2011. 23 February 2011 .

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the year 1978 as a time of achievement and notable occurrences. from the birth of the first test-tube baby to the jonestown tragedy, our world changed forever.
  • Analyzes how the former reporter's book knits together s.f.’s twin tragedies of 1978.
  • Analyzes how the 50th academy awards were a great time for literature. dr. seuss published i can read with my eyes shut! and stephen king's night shift.
  • Narrates the dreadful jonestown tragedy, the love canal tragedy and the twin murders in san francisco.
  • Explains that the first test-tube baby was a great triumph in medicine and science. the second invention was the electronic, milton bradley game, "simon".
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