A Writing Portfolio : The Ups And Downs

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A Writing Portfolio: The Ups and Downs
Writing isn’t my strongest suit and always has room for improvement. Throughout this semester writing composition 10103 wasn’t my favorite class in the world, but it was a great learning experience to improve my writing skills. Transitioning from a high school academic English class to college level writing class was a big step for me. I spent countless nights where I would just stare at my computer screen having no idea what to write, but practice makes perfect. Having a professor with high standards in his students in their writing skills really made me push myself the hardest I have ever pushed myself in a writing course. The work in this portfolio shows that I have improved in using methods of organization and sentence structure. Although I made drastic improvement in my organization and sentence structure methods, I have much more room for improvement in my writing skills, and also need to improve my essay planning and writing my essays on time.
Strengths and weaknesses are possessed amongst all people, but only the most significant ones stick out the most. My biggest strength as a writer is my ability to learn from mistakes and capitalize on them. I have made many mistakes in my writing, but as this semester went on I ended up actually learning from mistakes. What also really helped me was that my essays were all graded so specifically to where I could know exactly what I did wrong. From scoring a poor grade of sixty-one on my first essay, “Nuclear Detriments: Screw Nuclear Power” to improving to a ninety-five on my last essay, “Crisis in South Korea” reflects a direct correlation in my ability to learn and fix the mistakes that I make. Although I didn’t do amazing throughout the sem...

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...eresting in my hooks.
This semester was a great semester for me to grow my writing skill and learn information about myself that I never learned before. I have learned quite a bit just by looking at my own writing, especially the essays I did not put much effort into. The amount of effort on my essays did correspond to the grade I received. This course not only made me a better writer as a whole, but made me realize that I really learn better by looking back at my own mistakes. What I learned from this course can definitely not only just improve my writing skills in the future, but also help me excel in the real world. Mistakes happen to everyone, even to the best of people. Mistakes will always happen, but it is all about fixing mistakes and not making the same mistake twice. It is not a mistake to make a mistake, but it is a mistake to make the same mistake twice.
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