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A Writer's Profile

Attention all passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride through English 105. You are about to cruise through my writings and learn more about this course. You are sure to experience a great time and learn of what makes English 105 so exciting. Each link at the bottom of the page will direct your attention to a different piece of my work. I am definitely not Hemingway, but I have learned a lot in this class and you will get a chance to see how. So please hold on, it should be a smooth ride.

Classroom Interactions: English 105 is full of interesting classroom discussions. Many topics are covered and they give you more of a chance to think. My favorite classroom activity was when we got into small groups and prepared for a teaching to the class. My group had to present the essay by Carol Tavris, In Groups We Shrink From Loner's Heroics. It was a lot of fun preparing this lesson. We made a PowerPoint presentation and held an interesting discussion. As the class as a whole we had many discussions and got into some in depth thinking.

Development of Writing Skills: When I was in high school I had a wonderful English teacher for my Junior year. She helped get my grammar into order and explore more of my writing. She was definitely a lot of help to me but I feel that my writing actually started when I was in fifth grade. I had many difficulties with my writing and my teacher really took notice to it. She helped me so much that year with her different techniques. At the end of the year she gave me a journal and wanted me to write all summer in order to practice my writing. I had a lot of fun with that journal and feel that it did a lot to help me. When I first started here at NAU I was a little scared because it seemed my writing was slipping a bit. I was getting frustrated that I was getting anything out right. After the first couple of weeks I had more confidence in my writing and learned to review it more. This class has helped so much with the important process of review and why it is so important.
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