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A Writer In College
After years of education from K-12, there is still an issue with high school students being prepared for college. Many people don’t realize that not only people and surroundings changing but the works and self management change as well. For many freshman, good writing is the biggest challenges for all. Most of the students were not expected the writing frequency within college. They were assigned substantial amounts of writing and required to define a problem and criticize an argument which they have not experienced during high school courses. What it means to be a writer in college? College writers write every day, they are learned, their papers are organized and they are confident about their writings.
The two essays by Nancy Sommers give me her point of views about what kind of writing will you be expected to do in college? Writing begins with reading, these two essays are also examples of academic reading that you will encounter in college. In the article " I Stand Here Writing", Professor Sommers says, "all the time taking his readers along with him on his journey, questioning sources, reflecting, expanding, and enriching his …show more content…

It confirmed my prediction that college writers compose their essays over and over again. For example, when you write a high school essay, you don’t always produce your best writing when you first get started. so revision is a chance for you to look critically at what you have written. Normally students change specific word in a sentence to make it more decent, make corrections of any spelling and grammar mistakes. What makes college writing unique is that Nancy Sommers said a writer in college should be able to make revision not only focused on mistakes and vocabularies. Think about the essay itself, the sentences if it's really worth saying, will a reader understand what you are

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that college students aren't prepared for college, and that good writing is the biggest challenge for them. they're taught, organized and confident about their writings.
  • Analyzes how nancy sommers' essays are examples of academic reading that you will encounter in college. academic writing reflects how well a student can emphasize their reading.
  • Quotes nancy sommer's prediction that experienced writers make changes on all levels and use all revision operations.
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