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The story begins as a sixth-grade girl, Miranda and her mother are preparing for an appearance on the fame show $20,000 Pyramid. Stead describes the novel in which Miranda is writing a letter to an unnamed “you”. “You” has sent her letters which describe about the game show and is able to predict Miranda’s future. However, “You” is still a mystery to Miranda and us. Miranda spends her days in New York City with her mom. A Germany lawyer named Richard is her mom’s boyfriend who regularly visits Miranda and her mom at their apartment. Seeing that Miranda is keen on carrying the copy of a novel entitled “A Wrinkle in Time”, Miranda is fond of reading that novel. Belle’s market is a place where Miranda usually waits for her mom when she forgets to bring her apartment key. Belly is happy and excited to listen to Miranda’s chattering about her novel.
Apart from that, living in New York City makes Miranda’s mom feels anxious with stranger. Therefore, she always reminds Miranda for not talking to stranger. Luckily, Sal has formed a precious friendship with Sal, her best friend since childhood. At all times, they spend their days together, and even go to the same school. Miranda and Sal regularly walk home together from school by passing through the West End Avenue to Broadway, one block from Broadway to Amsterdam, passing the laughing man on the corner, and then half a block to their lobby door. On their way home, they habitually have to come across a homeless called “the laughing man”. The laughing man who seems to be a little bit crazy, terrifies Miranda and Sal as they pass through their way back from school. Even though they feel terrified, they act as if they don’t. Sleeping in his head under the mailbox near Miranda’s apartment ha...

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...ughing man helps him by jumping in front of the truck and saves Sal. Regrettably, the laughing man died. After the accident, Miranda has the opportunity to chat with Sal, therefore, she discovers Sal’s motive of not getting close to her anymore. Sal wants Miranda to get along with her friends, and so does Sal.
At last, Miranda also realizes who actually sends the notes to her, and it is the laughing man. The laughing man’s shoe is the proof because Miranda discovers the last note in his shoe. Finally, the day that her mom has been waiting for has come. Her mom wins the $20,000 pyramid, and uses the money to apply to law school. In the end, a light comes on in her head that Marcus and the laughing man is the same person. In other words, the laughing man is the grown up version of Marcus who travels back in time. Therefore, Miranda will send the letter to Marcus.

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