A World of $6,000,000 Men & Women

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In the 1970’s a show known as “The Six Million Dollar Man” showcased a fictional story of an astronaut who after crashing during a government experiment, received grievous injuries to most areas of his body. If not for the biomedical upgrades added to him to replace his broken and failing bodily systems, his injuries would prove fatal. In that moment in history, miraculous feats like the above were just fantasies produced by Hollywood to attract viewers. In today’s society, biomedical replacements are everyday occurrences. Hearts, lungs, arms, all are able to be replaced with mechanical versions, for improved functions, as well as, to replace lost organs and limbs. The uses of biomedical parts are astronomical. With biological enhanced humans, diseases like cancer could be eliminated, or car accident victims saved from a crushing death. However, can this go as far as an army of perfect soldiers being made to invade other countries?
First, bioengineering had its start in the 1550’s, but the earliest modern use was in 1750 when the Sumerians used fermentation for beer. The first recorded occurrence of medical use was by the Chinese using soy bean curd as an antibiotic for wounds. Genetic engineering started in 1863 when Gregor Mendel experimented with pea pod to discover how traits are passed on (Sells, Harvey). Synthetic engineering started in 1828 when Fredrich Wohler combined ammonium chloride with silver isocyanate to produce the main compound of urea (Rugnetta, Michael). The first form of bionics was first discovered in a tomb of an ancient mummy. The corpse had a wooden replacement attached for a missing big toe; this would suggest bionics started over 3000 years ago with Egyptians (Sells, Harvey).
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...However, because world peace has not been attained, a threat of biological war is a constant threat, which could lead to many deaths.

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