A Wonderland Called Brazil

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Brazil is a symbol of beauty, not only does it contain various landscapes such as rainforests, and plains, but it also is bursting with rich and diverse culture. These values and beliefs are infused with the land but also the native life. This combination is shown by how a child first lesson is folklore, and these children are thought tons of myths and legends of the wild beasts that roam the wilds at night. This culture not only spans from the legends, and the land but also from other things like books, foods, and even sports that have put Brazil in the worlds view. Furthermore, Brazil is a very diverse, cultural, and beautiful country; it contains many different races and religions, which makes it another melting pot of the world, and coupled with the landscape, it truly is one of the world’s wonders.
Geography of the land
Brazil is the largest country in South America; it contains the largest economy in the world and is home to most of the amazon (Fifteen Important Facts about Brazil, South Americas Biggest Country), all of this only shows just how vast Brazil is. Lots of the culture of Brazil derives from its geography, such as the music from the backlands, which are largely based on the landscape (The Backlands-Sertao-Visit Piani, Brazil), and novels written after the many cities in Brazil, or the rich folklore based on the old forests that have resided there for many decades. But the most famous of Brazils wonders is the Amazon; to say that the amazon is large would be one of the biggest understatements in the world, the Amazon Rainforest is about 2.124 million square miles long, and when looked at from a aerial view it certainly looks and is big enough to be its own country (The Amazon Rainforest). The Amazon is a huge tou...

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