A Wonderful Future Awaits Us!

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The world is constantly changing and I believe that the world is headed in the right direction. Remember all the classic science fiction your father read about flying cars and space flight? Some of that actually came true. We do have spaceships, although they're not the sleek, Star-Wars-esque spaceships we dream of. Now, some of this stands out, and for good reason. Thoughts like medicine, agriculture, and many more have changed the world as we know it. Some are ideas that we could not live without, while some are mere specks in the history of the world. One idea that has changed the world is the invention of writing. The world, without this idea, would probably be a slave-driven world with the rich ruling. How would we trade in this barbaric world? To understand this, one must look to the past for answers. Writing’s origin lies in the depths of the past, where if a person wanted to communicate with people far away, or just write a story for the little ones to read, they might choose to draw a picture. These pictures shine a light on the past when there were no texts, and the most one could do was to change a wall forever if they wanted to make a story, spirit picture, etc. These pictographs were large and bulky, and were not an ideal solution. The Mesopotamians decided to find an alternative to the tricky problem. They found that they could write in cuneiform, which was a tricky, but more efficient, solution. The amount of characters required to write this language ranged from 1,000 in the start of the texts to around 400 in the Bronze Age. Scribes, people whose only job was to write, earned a lot of money. They tended to be in today’s upper-class group, and they were highly respected in ancient times. Now that we have covered ... ... middle of paper ... ...issues/conditions/chest-lungs/pages/Pneumonia.aspx Sarah, Holt, dir. "Cracking Your Genetic Code." NOVA. Public Broadcasting Service: WGBH, 28 Mar 2012. Television. . "Cystic Fibrosis." Mayo Clinic. N.p.. Web. 6 Feb 2014. "Writing." Writing n.pag. Web. 3 Feb 2014. index.html>. Carmine, Douglas. World History: Ancient Civilization. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell. 2006. Print. "Mesopotamia for Kids- Cuneiform." Mesopotamia for Kids- Cuneiform. N.p.. Web. 11 Mar 2014. "Ancient Hebrew Research Center" Ancient Hebrew Research Center- Home Page n.pag. Web. 4 Feb 2014. .

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