A Woman of Wonder

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Joan of Arc, known also as Jeanne d’Arc came into this world on the 6th of January, 1412 in the village of Dormremy. She left this world at the tender age of 19 on the 30th of May, 1431. Domremy was in the district of Champagne in northeastern France. Joan of Arc is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church as well as being a national heroine to the French. During the “Hundred Years War” with England she saved France from being defeated. Joan of Arc is oftentimes referred to as the Maid of Orléans in tribute to her victory. Joan of Arc’s beliefs in God is what attributed to her courage and her strength, another factor was the people of Frances’ belief in her. People with special gifts are feared by most and accusations are formulated based on jealousy. Joan of Arc was one such person that was gifted and could foresee the future by means of divine intervention. Accused and tried for heresy and sorcery she was burned at the stake. Joan of Arc never lost her faith in God or her pride. Joan of Arc’s belief in God, contributions in the field of battle, and how she was able to rally the people of France is what makes her a woman of wonder.

The English believed that Joan of Arc was a witch, because she dressed like a man, wore armor into battle and she claimed to hear voices from God. The people of France knew different, because when she spoke of her vision and what the Saints told her would happen always came to be.

Above all Joan of Arc had immense faith and love for God and this was the main focus of her life. One must understand this in order to know who Joan of Arc was. Joan of Arc was raised to be a devout catholic which was the only Christian church that was around during the time that Joan of Arc was alive. Joan of Arc’s father was ...

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... time. Joan of Arc has always been an inspiration and continues to inspire people to this day.


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