A Woman Named Dai Shared Her Story About Being Trafficked Throughout The United States

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A woman named Dai shared her story about being trafficked throughout the United States. It all started when she married a Military man, they moved to Las Vegas and it was there he beat, raped, and chained her up in their basement. Although Dai was able to escape she was unable to prove her identity because her husband had taken her naturalization papers, license, and social security card. She began living in shelters until she met a woman who said she would help her. This woman turned out to be a female pimp and she sold Dai to a gentleman’s club. At the gentleman’s club she was forced to have sex with men and act like she was Japanese because illegal immigrants make more money. She had to dress up as a Geisha and speak broken English. When she didn’t comply with what her master had told her she was tortured. She was trafficked all throughout the United States in a cattle trailer and forced to beg for toiletries. She also never received any of the money she made. One day she was sold to a wealthy “john”, and he groomed her to be a Madame (female pimp). Because she no longer wanted to be exploited she began recruiting and exploiting women for her own personal gain. After awhile, Dai couldn’t stomach what she was doing. Although she wasn’t beating these women, she was selling them and she knew it was wrong. She fled the “john” who bought her and moved to a different state where she began to heal, trust, and reinvent herself. Now, she is an advocate for human trafficking and shares her story across the nation. This is just one story of a woman who was involved with human trafficking in the United States; however, it is so many stories like this. Unfortunately, many stories don’t end like hers and a lot of victims of trafficking end ... ... middle of paper ... ...n legislation for Human Trafficking Laws. Forty-four states have laws combating human trafficking; however, most of these states don’t have special units or forces specifically designated for Human Trafficking. This is problematic because although there are laws in place designed to punish those involved in Human Trafficking, the laws won’t do much good if there isn’t officers going out looking for it. The culture of Human Trafficking is very underground and if officers aren’t assigned to this type of work specifically; the women who are being exploited may never be found and saved. States need to take the time and the money to decide which officers will do this work and pay for the training for officers to receive this work. Human Trafficking is becoming a growing concern in America, and we need to get a handle on it before it is too late and we lose too many lives.

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