A Weak Educational System In Idiot Nation By Michael Moore

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Some people view America as a country with a weak educational system, Michael Moore is one of these people. In his article “Idiot Nation,” he believes American school systems are being run poorly causing our student’s intellect to be sluggish. Moore believes that this is being caused by political leaders and most people in society that “have decided it’s a bigger priority to build another bomber than to educate our children.” (Moore 131) These people would rather worry about situations with war than providing a decent education to the students. Because of these decisions, school systems don’t supply the most efficient education for students in our nation. This then leads to the students not learning all that they should in school. Moore outlines school systems in multiple ways that make you notice the defects in the schools and realize that people can be more knowledgeable if our nation had efficient, well-structured schools.
Moore shows us that because education is lacking in America, it is necessary that the government makes a shot to enhance school systems. Our nation doesn’t appear to take much incentive towards advancing our overall education. Proof of this is shown within the corrupt school systems. Everybody concerned about these school systems ought to be inspired to form a nice and well-structured education so that students would be told necessary info and achieve success. Something has to be modified within these corrupt schools in order to ensure students properly educated and then all students have the chance to succeed.
Moore believes that there were certain factors that caused our nation to have a weak educational system. His reasoning for poor education is mainly revolved around politicians, corporations, and the ...

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...l system. Corporate advertisements are manipulating and ruining students’ education in school. Some schools funds solely rely off of corporation’s revenue; when a corporation falls apart, so will the school. The final factor is that politicians refuse to fund education, but are angry about how America is behind other countries in education. Moore states that politicians “would rather hold hearings about the depravity of a television show called Jackass than about their own depravity in neglecting our schools and children.”(Moore 131) This shows that they are not focused enough on improving our country’s education. To help improve our educational system, changes need to be made to the factors that made our system corrupt in the first place. Altering these key factors will improve our nation’s school systems and give our students the proper education to be successful.
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